Test Record 04

Frank Hammell

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Age through testing:

Initial vitals Report:

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Experimental vitals Report:

Experimental psychological Report:

Conclusory vitals Report:

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Test date:

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Objective and Notes:



Augest 12th, 1944


Mild bruising and lacerations across body

Prone to violent mood swings

Expanded report

Expanded report

Expanded report

Expanded report

Novemember 11th, 1965 - March 3rd, 1977



Cooperative effort between ORM and XXX. Subject is to be exposed to 04-DP to measure the effects on a living subject. 04-DPP will be administered to the subject on site at XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX.

Translation of 04-A indicates that that when compounds XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX are combined and exposed to 04-A2 the resulting compound 04-D is created however it should be noted that certain elements in the manufacturing process were unable to be synthesized, thus adjustments were made to synthesize a suitable replacement and fabrication 04-D, this proxy is being named 04-DP. It is unknown if this fabrication will yield correct results and establish contact at this time or if further efforts are needed to fully produce 04-D.